Highlights from Chapter 5:

Management of Our Key Issues

Large transportation projects like the California high-speed rail project face a series of complex issues and risks. This chapter outlines the Authority’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program and expands upon some of the challenges reported in the 2022 Business Plan and the State Leadership Accountability Act. It also provides a description of key issues and updates on progress the Authority has made on addressing the reported issues.

Key Facts

Progress since the 2022 Business Plan

  • The Authority has taken the necessary steps to address inflation, including allowances in its cost estimates for future work, updates for the current inflationary environment and developing a strategy for managing current and future volatility in inflation
  • The Authority is confident that project section environmental documents meet and exceed the legal standards
  • The Authority is addressing staffing gaps, including Key Person Dependence/Workforce Planning and Recruitment/Retention
  • The Authority continues to actively manage gaps in construction quality and the securing of passenger rail rights with its contractors and third-party relationships

Authority’s Risk Register Hierarchy and Integration

Chart of Authority's Risk Register Hierarchy and Integration


Text description of risk register chart


This chart shows the Authority’s Risk Register hierarchy and integration. It highlights the three levels. The Enterprise Level consists of Capital Portfolio Risk Register and Operational Portfolio Risk Register. The Program/Office Level includes Advance Planning, Environmental and Configuration, Construction, Rail and Rail Operations, and Office Risk Registers. The Project/Branch Level includes third parties, project sections, construction packages, track and systems, Early Train Operator (ETO), Rolling Stock (trains) and Branch Risk Registers.

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