Highlights from Chapter 3:

Funding the Program

Over the past 11 months, the Authority has received federal grants totaling $3.3 billion toward its goal of securing $8 billion in federal funds over the next five years. These grants enable the Authority to advance the early operating segment in the Central Valley.

Specifically, the grants cover costs for a new downtown Fresno station, new state-of-the-art electric trains, final design and right-of-way acquisition for the Merced and Bakersfield extensions, and construction costs to extend our work into Bakersfield, including important grade separation safety projects in the City of Shafter.

Summary of Total Funding Available and Total Funds Expended ($ in Billions)

Table showing the summary of total funding available and total funds expended in billions for high-speed rail.

High-speed rail is the best value investment, with a cost range of $89 billion to $128 billion compared to the cost range of $179 billion to $253 billion that would be necessary to construct the equivalent highway and air passenger capacity.

Estimated Capital Cost Ranges of High-Speed Rail Phase I System

and Equivalent Highway and Airport Capacity (YOE$ in Billions)

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