Early Earthquake Warning

California has numerous active faults throughout the state that are known to produce large earthquakes. To ensure that the high-speed rail system can operate safely in such a seismically-active area, the Authority will implement a comprehensive seismic safety program, including earthquake early-warning and appropriate operational responses. This is service-proven technology currently being used in Japan and Taiwan.

The infrastructure that will support the high-speed rail program – such as bridges, tunnels, high-speed rail stations, and other facilities – will be built to meet all state standards for earthquake design in California.1

The Authority is also partnering with first responders across the state to create a response plan that will provide appropriate assistance to all passengers and operators on high-speed rail during a seismic event.

Illustration with a high-speed train crossing diagonally through the scene, a satellite, radar, and tower are communicating with the train; vehicles are parked at gates which are blocking the track as the train passes; an operator is monitoring conditions from computers.


1. Caltrans Seismic Design Criteria Version 1.7 (2013); American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association Manual, Ch. 9, seismic design for railway structures (2015)

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