Highlights from Chapter 3:

Advancing Through Challenges

We have accomplished the things that we said we were going to do to improve our effectiveness and advance the program. Over the past two years, we more than doubled the number of construction jobs created, more than tripled the number of structures completed or under construction and tripled the number of environmental documents that have been released and certified.

We are moving the program from yesterday to tomorrow. Within the next 12-15 months, we plan to environmentally clear the full 500-mile system from San Francisco to Los Angeles, complete initial construction in Kern County and then begin work on track and systems in the Central Valley.

2020 Year in Review
2020 Year in Review

Key Facts – Central Valley

More than 5,500 construction workers have been dispatched since the start of construction

An average of more than 1,100 workers are dispatched each day to 35 active construction sites along 119 miles

In 2020, overpasses were completed at Avenue 15, Avenue 10 and Avenue 7 in Madera County, and the Poso Creek Viaduct in Kern County

Then and Now

Description 2018 2020

Construction Jobs Created
2,573 5,216

Structures Completed or in Construction
19 56

Environmental Drafts Released and Records of Decision (RODs) Certified
5 12

Right-of-Way Parcels Aquired
1,423 1,771

Miles of Guideways
47 79

Monthly Average Expenditures on Design-Build Contracts
$30.47M $68.13M

Environmental Status and Progress

We are committed to environmentally clearing the 500 miles of the Phase 1 system from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim. With the completion of the environmental reviews for the Bakersfield and Merced extensions, approximately 200 miles are now complete, with 119 miles in active construction. Staff are driving to complete all documents from San Francisco to Los Angeles over the next 24 months.

current status of environmental completion of Phase 1

Environmental Completion text description


This map shows the current status of environmental completion of Phase 1 of the high-speed rail system, as well as projected progress for the next 24 months. Currently, there are 199 miles environmentally cleared in the Central Valley and 130 miles environmentally cleared for the Brightline West project from Victorville, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2021, that 199 miles will increase to 291 including stretched from Bakersfield to Palmdale and Burbank to Los Angeles. In 2022, that will increase to 494 miles environmentally cleared including the full length of San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim.

More Information

Learn more about the California High-Speed Rail program and business plan online at https://hsr.ca.gov/ or contact the Board of Directors at (916) 324-1541 or boardmembers@hsr.ca.gov.

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