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Setting the Record Straight

In a letter to the legislature which you can read here, we correct some serious mischaracterization and misrepresentation of information related to the California high-speed rail program in the media. An article in Los Angeles Times, “California’s bullet train is hurtling toward a multibillion-dollar overrun, a confidential federal report warns” fundamentally misrepresents the document it purported to report on, as well as the status of the program. The article misuses deliberative information to suggest cost overruns, delays and potential lapses of funds that are not borne out by facts.

At the same time, two federal reports have been released that show how investments in California’s high-speed rail program have resulted in economic benefits and job creation in the Central Valley.

U.S. Department of Transportation report introduced by Vice President Joe Biden, Shovel Worthy: What the Recovery Act Taught Us About Investing in Our Nation’s Infrastructure, which highlights how ARRA investments in the Central Valley have led to an economic turnaround in the region.

US Treasury Department, 40 Proposed U.S. Transportation and Water Infrastructure Projects of Major Economic Significance which shows California’s high-speed rail program as having the third-highest economic benefit of major infrastructure investments across the country.

CHSRA Among Top Proposed Infrastructure Projects of Major Economic Significance

Latest Developments

  • December Construction Update

    FRESNO, Calif. – The December Construction Update is out showing the progress made over the last month at several of our work sites. This update also looks back at the progress made during 2016 featuring three "Year in Pictures" videos looking at the Fresno River Viaduct, Tuolumne Street Bridge and Cedar Viaduct.

  • High-Speed Rail Submits Central Valley Segment and San Francisco to San Jose Peninsula Corridor Funding Plans

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California High-Speed Rail Authority has submitted its Central Valley Segment Funding Plan, San Francisco to San Jose Peninsula Corridor Funding Plan, and corresponding Independent Consultant Reports to the Department of Finance and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee. You can read the cover letter, plan and report sent to Department of Finance and/or the Joint Legislative Budget Committee by clicking the links.

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