Independent Safety Assessor Services

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to procure a contract for Independent Safety Assessor Services.

The purpose of this procurement is to enter into an agreement with a consultant to provide independent safety analysis of railway systems that verify that the high-speed rail system is delivered into revenue services is safe, secure, and reliable for passengers, employees, and the general public. Railway systems to be analyzed will include all operational railway systems, including trainsets, track, signaling and train control, communications, traction power, and overhead contact systems. The complete scope of work is provided in the RFQ and draft agreement.

The not-to-exceed dollar value for this contract is $9.4 million with a term of approximately six years and five months.

The anticipated schedule for this procurement is as follows:

The RFQ is available to download from the California State Contracts Register (CSCR).

Updates, including responses to written questions, and any addenda will be provided on the CSCR.

Visit the Authority’s Small Business Program webpage for information including a program overview, certifications we recognize, how to get certified, access to our vendor registry, and more.

As the Consultant is required to work independently from the Authority and will be providing independent safety assessments, the Consultant will likely be conflicted out of participating on other Authority procurements for track and systems related work. Procurements for track and systems related work include, but may not be limited to, Program Delivery Support (HSR21-17), Rail Systems Engineering Services (HSR23-21), Track and OCS Design (HSR 23-32), Integration Support Services, Track and OCS Construction, Rail Systems Design and Construction, Trainsets, Construction Management, Rail Facilities Design and Construction, Station Design and Construction, and Civil Works Design and Construction. For more information, please submit questions and/or a request for an Organizational Conflict of Interest determination to the Authority’s Chief Counsel, Alicia Fowler, at, referencing the Independent Safety Assessor Services RFQ. For the determination request, also provide a response to the information requested in the Organizational Conflict of Interest Checklist, items 1-8, in RFQ Section 3.7.

Questions regarding this procurement should be submitted to Kristal McCain at or (916) 324-1541.

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