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An approximately 2 mile trench is being built starting between Olive and Belmont Avenues and running to Stanislaus Street in downtown Fresno. Work has begun in an area located near Thorne and H Streets.

Crews will also construct an underground crossing that will travel under State Route 180 as well as the San Joaquin Railroad and Union Pacific tracks and Dry Creek Canal.


The trench will allow high-speed trains to pass underneath SR180 and avoid an at-grade crossing.


  • This will be the first section of the alignment to go below grade
  • The trench will reach a depth of approximately 40 feet
  • The construction at SR 180 will be a top-down project, meaning crews will dig from the top of SR 180 to a depth of approximately 80 feet, construct a portion of the tunnel and then reconstruct the highway.
  • The SR 180 work will require lanes shifting (first to the inside, then to the outside) but will not require any lane closures.


Work is currently underway on the trench section. Construction on SR 180 is expected to begin in late February or early March.


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