January Construction Update

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Working through a rainy January the California high-speed rail program continues to expand adding more work sites with several more coming online throughout 2017. Read the January Construction Update to see how all that rain is impacting work and the progress thatís still being made.

New Animations Highlight High-Speed Rail Signature Structures on the North and South Ends of Fresno


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Check out two new animations highlighting high-speed rail signature structures in Construction Package 1. The San Joaquin River Viaduct will feature arches representing the northern gateway into Fresno and will also feature a pergola structure in order to cross over the top of the Union Pacific tracks. The Cedar Viaduct consists of arches spanning State Route 99 on the southern end of Fresno and will allow high-speed trains to pass over State Route 99, as well as North and Cedar Avenues and avoid any at-grade crossings.

Current Projects

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Fresno River Viaduct Banner

Cottonwood Creek Banner

San Joaquin River Viaduct

99 Realignment Banner

Fresno Trench Banner

Tuolumne Bridge Demolition Banner

Cedar Viaduct Banner

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Current Projects

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