Update on Burbank to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Sections

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The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) continues the study of high-speed rail routes for the Burbank to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Sections.  Our goal is to modernize and optimize the existing Los Angeles to Anaheim rail corridor and integrate high-speed rail service into the corridor as well. Our studies are focused on:
  • Improving the safety and state of good repair
  • Protecting and/or enhancing existing services
  • Laying the foundation for the introduction of high-speed rail  service
As we continue to move forward we will maintain our commitment to a broad and inclusive public outreach and education program. The Authority is working to support the development of infrastructure in the region that will meet the future service needs of all corridor users while improving corridor safety and reliability. These added features include grade separations and perimeter fencing and warning systems to create quiet zones, among other plans.
The Authority hosted public meetings for the Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section in Fall 2016, and for the Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section in Winter 2017. The meeting highlights included:
  • Statewide information on the overall high-speed rail program
  • Overview of the shared urban mobility corridor between Los Angeles and Anaheim
  • Proposed station locations and features
  • Proposed grade separation locations
  • Proposed engineering elements
  • Overview of the environmental process
If you missed the meetings, you can view the open house presentation and materials here for Burbank to Los Angeles and here for Los Angeles to Anaheim under "Community Meetings."

Ongoing meetings in each of these sections for location specific project features like grade separations and stations are underway as well. In March 2017, the Authority held focused grade separation information workshops in the Cities of Glendale and Los Angeles for the Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section. Key topics of discussion included safety, construction impacts, timeline and maintaining community and pedestrian access. Similar meetings for the Los Angeles to Anaheim Project Section are forthcoming this spring/summer. You can view the recent Burbank to Los Angeles Project Section grade separation meeting materials here under "Community Meetings." 

What's Next
The Authority is holding another grade separation meeting on June 13 at the Chevy Chase Recreation Center from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm to continue sharing information about the benefits of grade separations and the potential impacts to the community. More activities focused on information sharing with the public about the project and obtaining feedback on our plans are coming up this summer in various cities along the corridor, so stay tuned for more information and watch our website regularly for updates. 

We continue to be committed to obtaining environmental clearance and identifying the proposed route and route features in order to provide clarity to local communities, stakeholders and regional partners and allow components of the plan to move forward into construction as funding becomes available.
The Authority has already dedicated over $1 billion to key early investment projects across the region, some of which are highlighted on the Authority's website now, like the Regional Connector and the Rosecrans-Marquardt Grade Separation.

Delivering Benefits Sooner
The Authority has prepared a number of recent studies that discuss the agency's priorities, document our plans to achieve them, and highlight the overall benefits of our investments to date in planning, design, construction, and related early investment projects across the state.  Please find links to some of these reports in the Regional and Statewide Updates section below. 
We appreciate your input and feedback in the process to build the nation's first high-speed rail system. It is a challenging undertaking, but with your participation, we are able to answer more questions and resolve more issues with each step we take.  

Regional and Statewide Updates

The Southern California Education Program has successfully engaged more than 5,000 students across the region!

participation is up! Our 30% goal plays a major role in the construction of high-speed rail and is helping to create local jobs.
Learn more about 
high-speed rail's clean investment in the recent Sustainability Report!

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